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Apple TV vs DirecTV Now


When it comes to streaming service providers, there are a few names in the industry which manage to stand out of the crowd. DirecTV Now, as well as Apple TV, is without a doubt amongst them. Even though there is a significant difference in the services and it’s safe to say that DirecTV Now manages to outperform Apple TV in terms of price comparison as well as in packages and other feats, there is interesting news which is actually arising.

DirecTV Packages and Features

DirecTV manages to bring a wide range of different packages, unlike Apple TV. For instance, there are different ones including the entry level price which includes 100 channels for a very low fee of $35/mo. The good thing about the packages offered by DirecTV Now is that they are particularly upfront.

There are no hidden fees, and the transparency is absolute unlike using Apple TV which prompts no direct fee for subscribing to it. However, when you decide to go ahead and take advantage of any of the features, you find out that a subscription is not only needed – it’s also quite expensive. Apple TV does offer a wide range of packages, but all of them are going to come at a hefty price which you will find out about later on when you have no further choice but to pay it.

Included Programs

Moreover, DirecTV packages are particularly upfront when it comes to the programs and shows that you can take advantage of. Unlike Apple TV you are well aware of what you sign up for, and you are easily going to make sure that you get the package that suits you the best. All of the packages are properly detailed, and they clearly state what is included. Apple TV, on the other hand, is definitely stemming a lot of complications in this regard which is something pretty annoying for those of us who just want to hop on and pick a comprehensive plan.

Our Recommendation

Furthermore, it’s impossible to make an accurate price comparison because DirecTV bundles offer a lot of different programs while Apple TV is going to require you to subscribe to them individually. This suggests that the total subscription cost of the latter can quickly and promptly go over the top, which is definitely something rather harmful. So, keep these things in mind as you might find out that DirecTV is truly the best choice. It’s cheaper in comparison, and it offers a huge entertainment choice.