How To Watch Australian Tennis Tournament Online

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How To Watch Australian Tennis Tournament Online

In Australia, and truthfully around the globe, tennis is a more than popular sport that thousands of people take great pleasure in attending as well as viewing live from home. The Australian Open has been a major sporting event since it began in 1905. This year(2018) the prize purse is 55 million USD! That is a mighty big number folks.

If your not one of the lucky ones who live down under and have the opportunity to see this action up close and personal, continue reading and learn how to watch Australian tennis tournament on Reddit.

So how can you get it on the Australian Open action without personally boarding a plane destined for Melbourne, Australia? Simple. Pick up the nearest device, or sit down at your computer, and pull up

Once you’ve got Reddit pulled up in your browser, your going to want to search around the site a bit and get to know a few specific channels. Our main suggestions are:

Don’t just take our advice, look around because new channels are added all the time. That being said, make sure that one of the first things you do is to bookmark pages and subscribe to the best channels that you find regarding Australian tennis.

Channels are updated regularly and you don’t want to miss out on any pertinent knew information. The Australian Open is more than popular, it is the grand daddy of tennis events, make sure that you are ahead of the game and have access to the best streaming available via Reddit.

Connect with tennis fans from around the globe, including Australia, and keep yourself in the loop by joining as many Reddit tennis channels as you can. If for whatever reason you are not completely wowed with what you’ve discovered on Reddit however, there are more ways than one to skin this cat.

Below are additional links to live streaming of Australian tennis:

Australian Open TV YouTube Channel – here you will find access to not only the live streaming footage but also exclusive footage of all the best games and players. – access all the live streaming footage of the Australian Open that your heart could desire hassle free via

Channel 7 – catch live streaming of the Australian Open on the 7Tennis website. The catch is that you must be in Australia or use a VPN like tunnel bear which allows your to appear as if you’re logging in from any desired location in the world.

DIRECT TV – access dozens of sports channels including all the best ones that cover Australian tennis for the low and affordable price of $19.99 per month.

Hulu – watch the Australian Open and other major Australian tennis events with direct access to hulu’s entire media library for $39.99 per month.

SlingTV – access several sporting packages sure to include all the Australian tennis you could hope for beginning at only $10 per month.

FuboTV – is an ever increasingly popular alternative to sports coverage. Find and watch all your favorite tennis pros for $8.99 a month.