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How to Watch NBA Games Tonight Online Free

The NBA is more exciting than ever before. Today, people have new ways to follow the NBA, thanks to the internet and streaming technology. There are many ways to follow the NBA all season long, without ever getting bogged down with clumsy cable bundles. Cable is the most expensive way to follow the NBA, but there are other, modern options today that give you more choice and lower prices.

Instead of paying $100 or more to receive just a month of cable, today you can watch your favorite team on the best television channels for only $20 per month. These new technologies are less complicated, and users have more control over their channel choices than ever before. Internet streaming allows you to get the best television channels without using cables. You just need to have an internet connection. Check out your options in the following guide so that you can ditch your cable subscription and get in the game. You can watch sports without cable and enjoy the best in television with these new services.

Watch NBA Games Live on Sling TV

The premier way to stream the NBA today is Sling TV. Dish Network led the way in creating this revolutionary service that works with an internet connection. They’ve spent the time to make sure the service is compatible with a large variety of devices, so you can watch your Android, iOS or Chromecast device, as well as with a large number of streaming devices. Streaming devices that are compatible with Sling TV include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV’s fourth generation, Xbox One, and LG Smart TV. You can also watch on a gaming console or your computer, as long as you have the internet.

You don’t need a cable subscription to get Sling TV, and you don’t have to get bummed out with a long-term contract, either. Pay for the service as you go, month to month. For as little as $20 per month, you get in to the best of what Sling TV has to offer. Packages you can get include ESPN’s family of channels, TNT, ABC, NBA TV and FOX Sports regional networks. With just these channels, you can watch most of the NBA all year long. These channels broadcast playoff games in addition to the regular season. You get all of this with no contract required.

Coverage is localized, too. Many locations give you FOX Sports regional networks that keep you covered with the best in local action. There is also a Sports Extra package upgrade so you can get even more sports channels beyond what’s already in the base service. You can also add upgrade packages for channels that relate to other interests, such as movies, news and lifestyle.

When you have T-Mobile, you don’t even have to pay full price for Sling TV’s amazing service. If $20 per month isn’t a low enough price for you, you pay only $14 per month if you are a T-Mobile customer. You can still cancel at any time, and Sling TV’s streaming doesn’t even count as your data use for your phone plan if you have T-Mobile. Sling TV’s benefits come to you with T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, by special agreement with T-Mobile, so you can watch Sling TV to your heart’s content. This is by far the least-expensive way to get the best of the NBA and all of your favorite television.

DIRECTV NOW Brings You Live NBA Games For Free

DirecTV Now is one way that you can stream the NBA without cable. Entry level packages start at just $35 per month including a free trial, and you never have to sign a contract. You get about sixty channels in the lowest package level, and if you want to pay a premium, you can get up to 100 channels. You choose what package you want and ultimately, how much you pay each month. DirecTV Now offers you seven days free so that you can check out the service and see if you like their low prices.

All you need to see the best in television with DirecTV Now is an internet connection and the device you want to use. DirecTV works with many devices, including television with a streaming device, computers and smart phones. You watch television with these services just like you’re used to, only you don’t have to agree to a monthly contract. This is a great way to watch sports without cable.

With DirecTV Now, you can get NBA games on ESPN, typically on Wednesday and Friday. TNT also airs games on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and TNT also includes post-game analysis. NBA TV brings you even more games with this service as well as any games aired on ABC. You can watch ABC games on ESPN 3 using the WatchESPN App. DirecTV Now throws in a streaming device when you agree to get the service for three months. This is helpful to see the NBA on your big-screen television.

Live Stream NBA Games Tonight on PlayStation Vue

Sony is behind this streaming service, which works with the internet, like Sling TV. PlayStation Vue uses a PlayStation console and an internet connection to bring you great television. In the entry-level service you get ESPN and TNT, so you get to see most of the NBA games this way, even through the playoffs. Some critics say that PlayStation Vue bloats its base service, so expect to pay up to $39.99 per month for a base package of channels. PlayStation Vue is also slow to make its service compatible with many streaming devices, so there’s no Apple TV support for the service at this time. The service also blocks access to some channels away from the home service.

NBA League Pass Gives You On-Demand Streaming

The NBA presents its own option to watch NBA games without cable. This is NBA League Pass. You can watch as many as forty games each week during the NBA season. In the off season, keep up on NBA history by watching available classics games and other bonus content. You pay a flat cost for a year’s worth of service, and the price varies depending on whether you want to watch all teams or just one team.

Pay attention to restrictions, though, because there are some pretty significant blackouts. These restrictions stop you from seeing a team in your local area. You should also know that you can’t get other television streaming services this way, so if you want to watch other television, Sling TV is likely a better option. There’s an international version of the service called NBA League Pass International, for those outside the United States.

OTA Antenna Television Free

An antenna still works to pick up some NBA games. Local stations send the game straight to you for free, over the airways. You need an HD antenna and an HD television to make this work. You can use a DVR which allows you to record the game for replay, otherwise you need to watch the game as it airs with this technology.

Today, NBA fans are canning cable at higher rates than ever before. Today, you don’t need pricey cable to see the best of the NBA. You can save a bundle and unbundle your television packages by using a streaming service to watch television using an internet connection. Sling TV and other streaming services are sure to be a winning shot this season.